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Sydney Road, Brunswick
from Brunswick Road to Moreland Road

600+ businesses. All major supermarkets, discount department store, fresh food, clothing, home furnishings, specialty retailers, cafes, restaurants, ethnic produce, banks and financial services, property services, professional services and health and personal services.

Barkly Square
90-106 Sydney Road, Brunswick

40+ specialty stores including Coles, Woolworths and Kmart, a food court and 670 car spaces.

Lygon Street North, Brunswick East
between Brunswick Road and Albion Street

150+ businesses. Cafes and restaurants, fresh food, speciality retailers, convenience shops, home furnishings, discount outlets, property and personal services.

Grantham Street, Brunswick West
between Union Street and Collier Crescent

40+ businesses. Supermarket, fresh food, specialty retailers, cafes and take-away places, professional and personal services, Union Square shopping complex.