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3 amazing supports available to Moreland residents

By Jamil Allouche

A suburb is only as a good as its council – just as a council is reflective of its community.

Moreland's community is youthful, creative and supportive and it's this wholesome attitude amongst all owners and tenants of real estate in Brunswick that contributes to us having access to a range of council-provided benefits. Let's take a look at some of the incredible services available to the people of Moreland.

1. NDIS accessibility

As of March 1, 2018, the Moreland region has been connected to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This nation-wide support system has been rolling out gradually and finally is accessible to those who qualify in Brunswick.

If you or a loved one is under 65 years old and living with a disability, they can now be connected with the NDIS. The service aims to promote independence and agency of Australians living with disabilities, helping them to become aware of their options and reach their own decisions about their lives. Support from care workers or assistive technology is included where relevant.

2. Free immunisations

Moreland City Council works with local general practitioners to provide immunisation against common diseases to the community. Vaccines are available for immunisation against:

  • Influenza,
  • Whooping cough,
  • Hepatitis B,
  • Hepatitis A,
  • Human Papillomavirus,
  • Measles, mumps and rubella,
  • Pneumococcal,
  • Meningococcal ACWY.

Immunisation is free for at-risk adults, and certain eligible individuals. In particular, the influenza vaccine is available free of charge for all children between six months and five years old, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Islander people over 15 years of age, all people over 65, and anyone with a condition that is likely to be exacerbated by influenza.

Sessions occur once a month in each Moreland suburb. This year, Brunswick residents can access vaccines on the first Wednesday of every month at the town hall on Sydney Road – just down the road from our office!

3. Youth support

Do you believe the children are our future?

Young people are a major part of our community – each one holding the potential to be future leaders and help our city grow. So, local youth is well-supported in Moreland.

Just a hop and a skip away, the Oxygen Youth Space in Coburg North hosts a variety of programs, workshops and social events to encourage the young people of Moreland to make friends, build support networks, learn new skills and stay active. Shared spaces in Oxygen include an e-lounge, kitchen, meeting spaces and multipurpose activity areas.

Moreland residents enjoy a range of services designed to better their lives. Here at Ray White Brunswick, we want to improve your lives too! Talk to us today about finding your next home.

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