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How to give your Brunswick property summer sale curb appeal

By Jamil Allouche

You can't judge a book by its cover – but we always judge a home by its curb appeal.

If you're planning to sell your Brunswick home this summer, it's critical to think about how your property looks from the road. This is called the curb appeal, and it can have significant impact on the way your property is viewed by potential buyers. Let's talk about your property's curb appeal for a Summer 2019 sale.

Selling the dream

When selling property, it's important to remember you're putting a lot more on the market than just a house and a plot of land. You're selling a lifestyle.

Potential buyers will arrive for property viewings having seen your home in the best light from your professionally staged listing photos. Maintain the dream those photos have fostered by ensuring your home lives up to expectations. You'll even have a few buyers who spot your property in their daily commute or a stroll – so it pays to have the front of your home looking great the whole time it's on the market. 

3 tips to boost your curb appeal this summer

This summer, get out in the sun and give your home exterior the touch-up it deserves.

1. Think about maintenance

As we said, you're selling the dream. For many people, particularly young buyers in Brunswick, "the dream" doesn't necessarily involve a whole lot of garden. Keeping your front lawn simple and easy to maintain tells realistic buyers that property upkeep is well within their wheelhouse. Small garden patches with low-maintenance plants like succulents make a great choice.

2. Give that front door a facelift

Your front door is the first point of contact buyers have with the home itself. It's important this is up to scratch with the rest of the exterior – fix any cracks, buff that door until it shines and consider a fresh lick of paint. This is your opportunity to make a statement with your front door too. Choosing a bold colour can attract buyers with a similar personality and leave a lasting impression from your open home.

3. Don't ditch the gutters

It's not hard to overlook the gutters around your roof. They are, after all, above your line of sight. Remember that potential buyers are there to scrutinise. They'll be looking at every detail and overgrown, mouldy or damaged gutters stand out as an unwanted expense and use of a buyer's time.

Selling your Brunswick home this summer should be a breeze with an exterior that screams "live here". For more information about preparing your home for sale, reach out to the team at Ray White Brunswick today.

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