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4 ways anyone can find the perfect Brunswick flatmate

By Jamil Allouche

What makes a perfect flatmate varies for everybody. Some people want someone super tidy, who always cleans up after themselves. While for others, they may value someone social, who wants to interact during evenings and weekends, or the opposite – someone who keeps to themselves. 

Whatever it is you want in a flatmate for your Brunswick home, how do you find the perfect person for your household, and avoid someone who is completely unsuited?

1) Be clear in your advert

You may want someone who falls into a certain age bracket or enjoys a particular lifestyle. If this is the case, specify it from day one so you stand a better chance of attracting applicants who suit your requirements in the first place. Explain what kind of house it is, and what amenities are included, as well as what rent and other fees you're charging.

It also sets the bar for the successful applicant – in that they know what kind of household they are joining right from the start.

2) Make sure everyone meets candidates

Everyone notices different things about other people, and you all have to live with whoever you pick. So it's important that everyone in the flat makes as much effort as possible to be there to meet all the candidates.

Having lots of different perspectives is useful when it comes to choosing between candidates, and prevents any disagreements down the line about who made the decisions.

3) Ask good questions

Try noting down the kind of questions you'd all like to ask before you meet applicants. This will not only help you narrow down what's important for you all, but means you won't forget to ask a key question.

Varying your questions to include their experience in shared houses, what they do outside of work and even what they do for work, gives you a good picture of each candidate. You'll get an idea for how reliable their rent payments might be by finding out about their occupation, while how they talk about themselves will help you ascertain their values, interests and sense of humour.

If you're extra fussy, you might want to find out whether their schedule fits yours, or what television shows they watch religiously.

4) Don't be afraid to get references

Following up references from previous landlords or others who know the applicant well can prove enlightening. However, some people shy away from it because they feel it's too formal, or because it delays the successful applicant from moving in, which affects everybody else's rent payments.

If your landlord goes through a property management agency, they'll usually take care of this and more, so you'll know your new flatmate really is who they say they are!

For help finding your next Brunswick or Carlton home, get in touch with the team at Ray White today.

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