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4 simple Christmas decorating ideas for a small space

By Jamil Allouche

If space is tight in your Brunswick rental, working out where to put your tree and other favourite items might already be causing you a headache. Make your Christmas a little easier by opting for these easy-to-make decorations that fit in any size home. Of course, if sticking and gluing isn't your thing – the shop-bought versions are still great space-saving options.

1) Unusual Christmas trees

One of the more obvious ideas is to buy one of those mini Christmas trees that comes ready-adorned with twinkling fairy lights. But, there are more creative ways to embrace this festive tradition.

If you can get your hands on a few evergreen branches from a friend or family member, pop a few in a tall vase and hang a couple of baubles from them. This mini Christmas tree fits on the floor, mantelpiece or corner table.

Any leftover branches can be scattered on shelves or other spare surfaces around your home.

2) Small centrepieces

Shrink Christmas to the size of a jar or vase for seasonal centrepieces throughout your home. Try filling a large fishbowl vase with baubles and fairy lights for bigger surfaces. Pop some pine needles in the bottom of a small jar, top with pine cones, a tall candle or some fake snow, for smaller spaces.

Spray-painted pine cones make great mini Christmas tree centrepieces when paired with a tiny plant pot.

3) Christmas wreaths

A Christmas wreath is an easy win because it doesn't require you to vacate a space for it. There's nothing you need to remove to get a wreath on the door and they're super easy to make once you've gathered some suitable foliage.

You can also create a series of mini wreaths and hang them on cupboards, mirrors or shelves to bring some festivity to the rest of your home.

4) Hang from the ceiling

From a bundle of mistletoe to hand-cut snowflakes, there's so much you can hang from the ceiling to bring Christmas into the most underused space in your home. Create a bauble chandelier or string pine cones across the room, for instance. You can even hang Christmas-coloured ribbon from floor-to-ceiling in an empty alcove, and attach Christmas decorations or use it to keep the cards you receive in order.

With these ideas, you'll have a festive space in no time, without having to rearrange your home. If you're planning a post-Christmas move in Brunswick or Carlton, get in touch with the team at Ray White.

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