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How to get to know your neighbours in Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

It's a daunting time when you move into a new property in Brunswick – you've got to learn about the area, what facilities and services you have access to and who your neighbours are. This last one is particularly important – after all, we all have those times when we need to get a cup of sugar or have someone put the bins out for us when we're out of town.

Here in Brunswick we're known as a pretty friendly area, but there's still times when you'll need to strike out yourself and get to know your new neighbours. To help you get through this sometimes daunting process, here are our top tips:

Start on the right foot

The longer you stay in your new home, the harder it's going to be to strike up a conversation with your new neighbours. So if you've just moved in (or if they have – they'll be just as eager as you to make some new friends), use that as your chance to strike up a conversation.

An easy way to start here is to look at what you need as you're setting up your new home. For example, if you've just moved into your first property with a lawn, you could ask a neighbour to borrow their mower rather than getting one yourself. It's an easy conversation-starter and could even help you save money in the long run.

Make the most of your (social) networks

Like so many things, keeping up with the Joneses has gone online, so if you're looking to keep on top of what's going on in your area, chances are there will be a group you can join to find out more.

Many streets and areas now have Facebook groups that give residents a chance to keep in touch. If you're studying, there will also be groups within the university that can help you meet other students in the area.

Of course, there will also be plenty of offline options to help you get to know people, so look out for any specialist community groups that align with your hobbies. From running groups to gardening, chances are there's a community group in Brunswick to match your interests.

If you're looking to make a move and want to find the right property for you in the Brunswick area, make sure to speak to the experts at Ray White Brunswick. They can help you find a property that's just right and that comes with a friendly neighbourhood to match!

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