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3 key venues for weeknight entertainment in Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

It's no secret that Melbourne is a hotbed of culture. Whether it's music, art, or food, something's always happening to satisfy even the most eccentric of tastes. 

But why wait for the weekend? Brunswick is home to a number of great venues open all week, perfect for heading out on a school night for a drink, meal, or a bit of live music. Property owners in Brunswick and surrounding suburbs are living among a treasure trove of exciting and welcoming venues.

Bar Oussou

Bar Oussou resides at 653 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Described as "Africa's home away from home", this bar has established itself as a specialist venue for world music. While this umbrella term for a range of non-western instrumental playing styles may seem boring and a bit generic, it sounds anything but.

This is a venue that takes a great deal of pride in booking exciting performers for their patrons. Whether you're in for Monday night's spoken word performances, Tuesday's platform for rising talent, or full sets from more established artists on Wednesday and Thursdays, this Sydney Road venue offers you the most unique imported frequencies you'll find outside of WOMAD. All this within walking distance of your Brunswick property. Bar Oussou gets a hearty serving of bonus points for their special Senegalese Cuisine nights every Wednesday, making the venue not just Brunswick's home of exotic music, but of delightful West African culinary experiences as well.

Brunswick Hotel

The Brunswick Hotel can be found at 140 Sydney Road, and was actually the first pub on this historic street to get a liquor license. This was around 1850, and while the decor and clientele have changed somewhat since then, its popularity has not.

From professional groups playing the circuit to debut outings from brand new acts, The Brunswick Hotel hosts a huge range of musical guests. Music isn't the only thing on the menu at this iconic spot – every Monday hosts a free comedy night, with multiple performers taking the stage. Wednesday night is the classic open-mic night, where the friendly house MCs welcome musicians, comedians, poets, and dancers from all walks of life.

With a number of separate rooms fostering different atmospheres, the Brunswick Hotel really has something for fans of every type of music to suit your desired vibe. When this bar first opened over 150 years ago, most of the patrons were looking for gold. In 2017, they have found it in this great venue.

Tramway Hotel

The Tramway Hotel is tucked away at 165 Rae Street, Fitzroy North, just a hop, skip and jump from Brunswick East. Burger aficionados in the area are no doubt already regular patrons – however, the Tramway should be celebrated for more than just the gastronomical delights on their street food-influenced menu. Keen fans of Australian music will find some very familiar names on the burger list!

This Fitzroy North venue provides a great range of musical entertainment all through the week, from chilled electro beats to acoustic covers of classic rock. Week night performances often start earlier in the evening for an earlier finishing time; this means you can have a great night out and still get home by 10 p.m., perfect for mid-week excursions. Better still, the Tramway puts on 4 p.m. matinee shows most Sundays. Whether you're seeking a nightcap for the weekend or just want to take the kids out for some burgers, the Tramway is a great spot for Sunday afternoon.

If these venues sound ideal for your weeknight, Brunswick might be the suburb for you. Contact our team today to find out more about property in Brunswick.

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