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3 tips to make your Brunswick apartment feel larger than life

By Jamil Allouche

Brunswick is a changing suburb – narrow streets lined with Victorian era villas slowly meeting more developments of modern apartment buildings. The trendy independent youths of Brunswick lead the way with their minimalist small-dwelling lifestyles, bicycle commutes, and hip cafe culture.

So, how are owners of real estate in Brunswick – be they split villas or brand new apartments – making the most of their minimal space?

1. Show some leg 

When buying furniture, look for a sleek modern leg that's designed to be shown off. Legs on your lounge suite pieces or bedroom furniture will create visual space under and around the piece of furniture. Where to-the-floor pieces will create a large blockage, legs will create flow – making the space feel bigger and more inviting.

2. Let your furniture multi-task

Some of the best furniture you'll find for life in a small apartment is anything that functions in more ways than one. It's unlikely you'll have space in a studio for a dining table. Consider a coffee table with extendable legs and a leaf, allowing you to transform it into the perfect centrepoint for your next dinner party.

One of the hardest working pieces of furniture is the beloved ottoman, which is often produced as hollow for extra storage and can function as a foot rest or an extra seat around the coffee table.

3. Catch some rays

The amount of natural light your apartment gets isn't something you can easily change. If you're privy to large glass sliding doors, you're amongst the more lucky apartment owners. Otherwise, try not to discourage any light away from your apartment. Avoid dark heavy curtains, and instead go for lighter drapes or even chiffon fancies. Mirrors are a well-known trick for making a room feel bigger, and this goes doubly in a room with decent natural light.

If you're feeling crafty, get your hands dirty potting some container plants. Peace lilies or ferns survive well indoors, and will love you for placing them right in that beautiful sunny spot where they can create a beautiful flow from indoors to out.

These are only three of the many ways you can make your apartment into a metaphorical TARDIS – bigger on the inside! If you're ready to find your own little big home in one of Brunswick's stylish apartments, get in touch with Ray White Brunswick today.

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