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5 reasons to move to Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

If you didn't know already, Brunswick is a suburb with lots of attitude and pizzazz. From its quaint cafes that decorate the sidewalks, to the fashionable and fun bars that populate Nicholson, Lygon and Sydney Streets, there can be no doubt that the perks of being a Brunswickian are many.

If you're not a local – perhaps you're considering moving into the area – you might not be totally up with the play as to what is going on, and where the fun is to be had in this happening suburb. We've compiled a brief list of our picks and hints of Brunswick, Melbourne.

1. Get around

There is lots to do in our friendly, leafy suburb, but especially so if you enjoy riding a bike. According to, there are currently a whopping 6,585 and 132 courses that have been mapped out by enthusiastic locals. These courses are available to pedal around on throughout Brunswick, and there are cycle trails that span the city, from the Royal Park Circuit to the Long Ride on Surly.

Unsurprisingly, Brunswick also had the largest percentage of commuters on bikes, with 11.6 per cent choosing to bike to work then the Moreland average of 4.9 per cent.

According to the Moreland City Council, 22.1 per cent of Brunswick residents do not own a household vehicle – this figure is more than the City of Moreland average of 12.9 per cent. A large percentage of Brunswick residents – 30.5 per cent – used public transport to get to work, which is more than the City of Moreland which was 22.8 per cent.

2. Look at something special

The fashion and art scene in Brunswick is quintessentially indie, with lots of eccentric and eclectic art galleries. The Brunswick Arts Space on Little Breeze Street frequently displays exciting exhibitions, and the Counihan Gallery on Sydney Road is a medium-sized gallery often showcasing emerging artists.

3. Get active

The Brunswick City Baths are a great place to relax and unwind, or if you're more into sweating it out, it is a fantastic place to have a great workout. After your workout, if you're interested in permaculture or an education in green living, CERES Community Environment Park should be your next stop. 

4. Get something to eat

Feeling peckish? Brunswick has many exciting and delicious places to stop in for a bite, or settle in for the night. 400 Grandi on Lygon Street is the home of the 'world's best pizza', and you can eat in or take away. On the same street is Kumo Izakaya & Sake Bar, if you're after more of a Japanese flavour.

5. Become a local

The Brunswick real estate market is currently going through a period of growth. While the median value of houses in the area is at $936,000, there are still houses available for sale at $606,085, on Dawson Street. 

For the many professionals and young families that are looking for a way onto the property ladder, the highest median unit price is around $792,670 – as recorded on Little Gold Street. The lowest median unit price is a very encouraging $285,098 – this price was taken from Garnet Street. Given that there is an over $500,000 difference in these, it's a sure sign that there is still a lot of variety and opportunity out there for buyers.

The current estimated time on the market for many of these properties is under a month; with a great deal of interest in the Brunswick property market, waiting is not an option. With so much to offer, Brunswick is clearly an area on the up and up. For more information on how Ray White Brunswick can help you move into this dream location, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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