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Better connections for those living in property in Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

Families, couples and young professionals living in particular real estate in Brunswick are set to benefit from better connections very soon, with the NBN high-speed internet roll out.

However, residents will need to upgrade to a digital telephone to benefit from the new speedy service, according to a statement from Moreland City Council at the end of February. 

Fortunately, those living in property in Brunswick have a few months to arrange the right technology for their homes, if they don't yet have a digital telephone. 

According to the council, "existing landline phone[s], ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services that rely on the old copper network" will need to be replaced by May 2014. 

On May 23, such services will be disconnected to make way for the new digital network. 

If you own real estate in Brunswick, contact your phone or internet company if you're unsure about what you need to do to adjust to the changes.

The local council has a comprehensive map detailing where the new NBN service is currently available – and subsequently, where the old copper network will soon no longer be active. 

This includes certain areas of Brunswick Road, Sydney Road, Blyth Street, Victoria Street and Albert Street.

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