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Brunswick’s new public space freshens up the area

By Jamil Allouche

It's important in every community that there are relaxing, recreational spaces for people to temporarily escape the normalcy of the city street – Brunswick included. Indeed, if you are to invest in Brunswick real estate, isn't it important that you have somewhere nearby to sit down for a snack, take the children or simply just stop and breathe?

Moreland City Council thinks so.

New developments in Brunswick

During your Brunswick property hunt, you might have noticed significant work being done at the Sydney Street end of Wilson Avenue, in the southern portion of Brunswick. This section – which runs nearly 60 metres up toward Black Street – has been slowly converted into a new public space for all to enjoy.

Once, Wilson Ave was like any other underused side street. Its building facades were looking tired, graffitied and bare. Then along came a pop-up park in early 2014 as a trial by the council. They wanted to see if this region of the suburb could be polished up and made to shine, as a part of the overall Jewell Station Precinct renewal plan.

Clearly the pop-up was a success, because now this fantastic new area is being launched on August 2 as a revitalised space, with colourful murals flanking each wall and new features where the road used to be.

Now there are large sections of free space, with clean walkways weaving their way along what was once Wilson Ave. In the centre stands a quirky, climbable bouldering wall, which the kids will absolutely love to play on as you sit and rest. Don't worry if they lose their grip, as it's not too high and is surrounded by green, lawn-like soft fall.

This space has already won awards such as the 'Best Planning Ideas – Small Project' title from the National Planning Institute of Australia, and has had plenty of positive feedback from locals. 

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