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Census 2016: What can it tell us about Brunswick?

By Jamil Allouche

Owners of Brunswick real estate are always interested to learn about their suburb. What can the 2016 Census released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics tell us about our little patch of Victoria? 

How old are Brunswick residents? 

Compared with Victoria and Australia as a whole, Brunswick residents are a young bunch. The median age of Brunswick locals is 33, compared with 37 and 38 for Victoria and Australia respectively. Some 55 per cent of Brunswick's population are 34 and under, whereas in Victoria it's 46.3 per cent and in Australia it's 45.9 per cent.

What is their relationship status?

Brunswick residents are overwhelmingly yet to tie the knot. Of residents aged 15 and over, only 28.4 per cent are married, compared with 48.4 per cent of Victoria residents and 48.1 per cent of Australians. Yet while official marriages are relatively low, Brunswick has a high proportion of de-facto marriages – couples that are not legally married but are in a committed relationship – at 19.3 per cent. A majority have never been married (60.6 per cent) compared with Victorians (35.5 per cent) and Australians overall (35 per cent).

Those not in a relationship form the majority of Brunswick residents at 53.5 per cent, compared with 42.4 per cent of Victorians and 41.9 per cent of Australians.

How are they being educated?

Brunswick residents are soaking up knowledge like it's going out of style. Of those attending an educational institution, 43.4 per cent are at the tertiary level. This is more than double the state number of 17.8 per cent, and beats the national figure of 16.1 per cent too.

The percentage of primary and secondary students is lower in Brunswick (13.7 per cent primary, 8.2 per cent secondary) than it is in Victoria (25.6 per cent primary, 19.9 per cent secondary) and Australia (26.7 per cent primary, 20.1 per cent secondary).

What do their households look like?

Family households make up the majority of Brunswick's dwellings at 54 per cent, but this is lower than Victoria's figure of 70.8 per cent, and lower still than Australia's at 71.3 per cent. The disparity is partially made up by people living on their own (Brunswick 29.8 per cent, Victoria 24.7 per cent, Australia 24.4 per cent) but mostly from a large proportion of group households like flats (Brunswick 17.2 per cent, Victoria 4.5 per cent, Australia 4.3 per cent).

The structure of dwellings in Brunswick differs from Victoria too. Only 35.7 per cent are separate houses, compared with 73.2 per cent in greater Victoria. Brunswick instead has large proportions of semi-detached, row or terraced housing (29.5 per cent), and flats/apartments (33.5 per cent). 

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