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CERES is bringing health and environmental benefits to Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

Places with green parks, healthy food sources and a social space have long been an attraction for homeowners. East Brunswick real estate is located near the The Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES) that provides these two benefits of healthy eating and a green space. Plus, CERES recently extended the hours of its organic grocery store, which will give shoppers more time to get those fresh veggies.

CERES provides an escape into a 4.5 hectare, green environment on the Merri Creek. It's a non-profit sustainability centre that has won multiple awards for its welcoming atmosphere and educational efforts. 

CERES provides local and organic food in a friendly, communal atmosphere in Brunswick.

It's a great place to tour on the weekend or after work. It has a cafe, farm, garden and is available for venue hire. The centre provides education about the green initiatives and technology there, too. There are numerous environmental courses for kids and adults alike. You can also check out some wildlife. Most notably, there is a large chook population.

Not only is it a space to explore, but you can also buy healthy food there. There's an organic grocery store there that, just this year, opened from 9AM to 5PM.

The value of organic food 

People are placing more importance on healthy eating these days. At CERES, they provide education about nutrition and the food to go along with it. For parents who want their kids to eat better and run around in the fresh air, CERES has all of these health benefits in one place.

It is indeed a great place for kids to play.

"We are very family friendly," Ms Morley, an employee at CERES said. "We get a lot of families, mums and bubs."

The grocery store is located on a hill and overlooks the market garden. It's a remarkable experience to try all of the different foods provided by local producers and artisans. 

Organic food is grown and sold at CERES.

The value of green spaces 

The presence of a high-end grocery store is increasingly becoming a deciding factor for home-owners. People want access to higher quality food and CERES provides the best of it being local and organic in a friendly, communal atmosphere. There's also a Saturday morning market that goes on no matter the weather. What better way to spend your Saturday mornings than with delicious, local food, great music and family and friends

It's important to have a green space to escape to in cities.

Green spaces in urban areas have been known to make people, both young and old, happier. And the value of natural spaces is just as important today, if not more, with the rise of urbanisation and the growing awareness that it can have a negative effect on mental health and well-being. 

A study featured in Psychological Science found that living closer to urban green spaces can lower mental distress. So, green spaces in cities are important for bringing about communal wellbeing.

BioMed Central did a study that reinforced how important is it to have access to natural environments. Apparently, walking around in green spaces like parks promotes more positive emotions and can lessen the effects of depression, anger and other negative emotions. 

A green space like CERES brings people together and lets their negative emotions from the work week dissipate in beautiful nature. It's a place for children and adults to learn and breathe in fresh air. Contact Ray White Brunswick today to find out more about properties and surrounding East Brunswick gems like CERES that bring health benefits to you and your family.

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