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December quarter sees housing approval figures reach new highs

By Jamil Allouche

Anyone sitting on the fence about the future of Australia's property market should take a look at the recent figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which found housing approvals had risen to a new record high over 2014. 

This should be encouraging for investors and owner occupiers alike thinking about purchasing their own slice of real estate in Brunswick. Master Builders Australia chief economist Peter Jones said the 200,814 approvals seen over the year was a new record for the nation, which could be encouraging for buyers in the coming months. 

"Builder confidence will be boosted by the strengthening pipeline of work that will drive much needed job creation and investment in both the industry and the wider economy," said Mr Jones in a 3 February statement. 

"The boom in approvals will eventually flow through to increased housing supply and work to help ease affordability pressures."

Coupled with the recent drops in the official cash rate, this could signal a wonderful time to start saving up for a home deposit. Get in touch with a real estate agent in Brunswick, and start looking for your own property in the local area today. 

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