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Don’t forget about kerb appeal: Tips for selling your home

By Jamil Allouche

When it comes to enticing potential buyers into your Carlton property, there are a wide range of things to do. No doubt you thoroughly cleaned the inside of the home and made everything as sleek and shiny as possible, in order to wow the observers in the hopes that they'll consider buying. 

However, don't forget about your kerb appeal. This is what potential buyer see what they're approaching the home from the road, and is one of the most important aspects of selling a property that you need to get right.

Because this is their first impression of your home, enticing them from beyond your gate is the main challenge. Therefore, it's always worth investing a little bit of time into the development of the outdoor space.

For example, repainting your home's exterior may seem like a lot of effort, but in the pursuit of a sale it could be just the thing to entice a particular buyer into your open inspection. Furthermore, things like repairing broken roof tiles and ensuring your windows and curtains are all in a good state are a few simple and relatively easy things to check off your list when preparing your home for sale. 

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