Fawkner Festa coming up next week for Brunswick residents

By Jamil Allouche

Next week, the Moreland Council will be presenting the Fawkner Fiesta for the local community, which could be a wonderful time for residents of property in Brunswick. From Wednesday 5 through to Sunday 8 November, there will be a wide range of different cultural and artistic activities spread across the local government area. 

This could be a great outing for families to attend throughout the week, with a number of different events for people of all different ages to engage with. From Festa story time and mixed social bowls through to public art displays, Italian melodies and a creative Lego display in the Moreland City library, there's something for everyone. These all bring the community together for immersion in a variety of different cultural and artistic pursuits. 

Furthermore, there's a circus to wow audiences with feats of amazing talent. From gymnastics and juggling through to Australian comedy, there's a number of different, exciting entertainment options to enjoy at the festival. 

With a number of different transport options available – and encouraged – there are plenty of opportunities for residents of local real estate to get involved with the community and experience everything Moreland has to offer. 

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