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Five tips to increase the value of your home before selling

By Jamil Allouche

Are you a Brunswick real estate owner looking to sell your property? We've put together a list of jobs and renovations that you can tackle to potentially boost its value.

Smaller jobs

Sometimes it's the little things that make the most difference. Start with these smaller jobs to get your property into top selling shape.

1. A fresh coat of paint

Nothing screams 'old' like dated wallpaper or a flaking paint job. A fresh coat of paint can liven up a room in ways that little else can. Stay away from bright, polarising colours and stick with basic, neutral tones. These will appeal to most people, as it's often easier to match owned furniture and decorative pieces to plain colours than it is loud and vibrant ones. And don't just think about the walls; skirtings, window sills, and ceilings can all be cleaned up with a lick of paint.

2. Change old fixtures

Much like dated paint and wallpaper, worn-out door, cupboard and drawer handles can make a house look older than it needs to. Replacing these can be a quick way to spruce up your existing doors and cabinetry.

3. Clean up your garden and lawns

This might seem obvious, but it's a step that if missed can have a strong negative impact on your property's price. Think about a potential buyer's first impression – if they're greeted with a neglected lawn and wild gardens, it can cast a poor light on the rest of the property. Some 32 per cent of Australians consider an untidy garden a deal-breaker, according to a survey. Keeping your greenery clean is a simple way to maintain these people's interest in your property.

Bigger Jobs

If you've taken all the smaller steps and you still want to try and boost your property's value further, it may be time to tackle a bigger project. Talk to an agent before undertaking these renovations to get specialist advice tailored to your property.

If your project costs over $5,000, state law requires that your builder use a major domestic building contract, according to Consumer Affairs Victoria. If the project costs over $16,000, your builder will need to supply you with a current certificate of domestic building insurance. Whether or not building plans and permits are required varies by region, so contact your local council for further information.

1. Build a deck

The humble deck has been the habitat of many a great Aussie barbecue throughout time, and building one can make give your property that extra edge. It's a renovation that Archicentre Australia describes as "a fantastic feature of a home that adds external living space to the property, creates lifestyle benefits and generates a terrific return on a relatively inexpensive investment." The average deck costs around $180 per m2 according to, depending on the type of construction, timber choice, and the builder employed.

2. Update the kitchen

Over half of real estate agents told Consumer Reports that the kitchen is of significant importance when trying to sell a house. This makes sense, as the kitchen is one of the most functionally important rooms and as such, it attracts disproportionate buyer attention. The cost of installing a full kitchen averages around $7500 to $20,000, but every dollar you spend should give you a three dollar return, according to 

In all cases, you should be wary of spending too much. Only carry out those renovations that are going to give you a positive return in the form of a higher sale price.

If you've taken on some of these jobs and are interested in selling your property in Brunswick, give the team at Ray White a call.

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