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Get out and about: Top three walks around Melbourne

By Jamil Allouche

In a previous article we've talked about how it's good for your health to get outdoors and gulp in a few lungfuls of fresh Australian air. While there's nothing wrong with spending your time in the sun at the park or your backyard, sometimes you need something a little more epic.

In these moments, you should embrace nature fully and escape the concrete jungle.

Port Nepean

For a walk with a view of the ocean, you can't beat the trails at Port Nepean. Located on the Mornington Peninsula, the walk takes you on a round trip past beaches, bush and bits of Australia's military history. The highlight of the trail comes when you reach the tip of the peninsula and come across Fort Nepean. Here, you'll find all kinds of remnants of the Fort's time as a defence location – tunnels, bunkers and gun emplacements, most of which are open for you to have a poke around in.

Much of the track is on sealed roads, so it's easy enough that you won't have to spend time watching your footing, leaving you free to simply enjoy the sights.

Werribee Gorge

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a mountain goat, the Werribee Gorge trail might give you a fair idea. Making your way through craggy rocks and untamed bush, you'll have the choice between a shorter, more accessible route, or an adventurous hike around the top of the gorge that includes a river crossing and a rock climb. Either way, you'll get to experience the splendour of the gorge and its wildlife.

Mount Oberon

Tackling the Mount Oberon Summit walk might make you regret not joining that local runners club – it's a bit of a hike. But like anything worth doing, the pain you put in is rewarded at the end, with some of the most awe-inspiring views in the state being your prize. While the ascent can be punishing, most of the trail is sealed, making the climb easier than it otherwise would be.

There are many benefits to living in Melbourne but one of the greatest is that there's always something to do. To learn more about buying, renting or selling in this great city, get in touch with the crew at Ray White Brunswick today.

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