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Getting Around Moreland

By Angela Hill

Infrastructure designed and implemented to support community and public transport, and also for green travel options is important for any community.

That's why those with property in Brunswick or Coburg real estate can celebrate the community initiatives from the Moreland City Council, which encourage locals to come together and find innovative travel solutions.

In July it was announced that Moreland residents now have access to a GoGet car share vehicle. This is available at the Moreland Civic Centre in Coburg. That means you don't have to own your own personal vehicle to be able to use a car if the need arises.

As well as this, Moreland's own GoGet car runs on electric power so is more environmentally friendly than many other vehicle options, and may help to spread the message of eco friendly vehicles across Melbourne.

Additionally, train stations including Glenroy, Fawkner and Coburg have added security cages for cyclists, so train-users can safely lock up their bikes. These kinds of steps encourage not only alternative forms of travel such as public transport and more environmentally friendly vehicles, but also promote all-important physical activity. This is because the less often traditional cars are used, the more people have to use their own bodies to reach their destination.

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