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Growing Student Numbers Lead to Rental Opportunities

By Jamil Allouche

The number of international students studying in the state of Victoria has increased over the end of 2013, showing demand for the fantastic level of education that the region provides. 

New figures released by Australian Education International (AEI) show that by the end of 2013, the number of international students enrolled in study courses rose by 10.2 per cent. Over the course of 2013, over 143,000 international students enrolled at education institutions around the state. 

International education generated over $4.3 billion in export revenue in Victoria during 2012-13, making the industry a key driver of economic growth. 

"Melbourne remains the home of world class quality education and a lifestyle that combines the best of many of the world's capital cities, and I am extremely pleased so many new students are experiencing this for themselves," said Minister for Innovation Louise Asher in an April 2 statement. 

While international students help to drive economic growth for the state, they can also benefit investors of Carlton property, too. 

More students moving to the area can lead to a higher demand for rental property, which can in turn result in lower vacancy rates for property in Carlton and surrounding suburbs. 

Carlton is in an optimal location for investors looking to secure rental properties, as the University of Melbourne and other amenities found in the CBD are only a few minutes walk away.

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