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Growing support for art across Melbourne good for Victorian artists

By Jamil Allouche

Victorian artists living in the capital city will be happy to hear about the Melbourne city council's new arts strategy, outlining plans to help stimulate and develop the region's artistic output over the next three years. This is great news for creative types living in the area, providing an opportunity for expression and the creation of art over the coming years. 

The creation of Arts Strategy 2014-2017 places the needs of artists and the cultural development of the capital city at the heart of future growth. Mayor Robert Doyle said art was a crucial contributor towards a cohesive city identity and increasing the overall livability and wellbeing of those in the region. 

"This strategy will sustain the unique qualities that make Melbourne an incubator for creativity. The City of Melbourne plays a significant role in the city's arts scene and we will continue to do so by providing support, funding, spaces and collaborative opportunities for artists and organisations," said Mr Doyle in a 11 June statement. 

If you're an artist living in Carlton property looking for a good opportunity to push your work and grow as a creator, the council's support  will prove to be most helpful for the future. 

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