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Hard Waste Collection to Pick Up in Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

The Moreland City Council is about to begin the annual hard waste collection to help those living in real estate in Brunswick dispose of unwanted goods.

Each household is allowed to place one cubic metre of hard waste on the curbside of property in the council area to be collected. The Brunswick area has been allocated the days of April 7-11 for collection. 

Residents of property in Brunswick are advised that placing hard waste outside their homes is only allowed within this timeframe. 

Hard waste includes unwanted goods such as household appliances, electrical goods and old furniture. Hazardous goods such as chemicals, paints, car batteries are not allowed.

Anything that is not hard waste should be taken to the local transfer station or landfill site. East Brunswick is home to a private transfer station where other unwanted waste can be dropped off.

This hard waste collection is in addition to the Moreland's regular weekly collections for garbage and recycling and the fortnightly green waste collection. 

Residents of property in Brunswick are actively encouraged to recycle and dispose of other waste in an appropriate manner as sustainable living practices will make the area a cleaner and greener place to live. 

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