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Healthy month ahead for school children in Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

The importance of promoting and encouraging healthy habits in children from a young age cannot be underestimated. Families living in property in Brunswick will have the perfect opportunity to explore this in October, in the form of Walk to School month.

Moreland City Council and VicHealth are in charge of the initiative, which calls for families to ditch the car and try alternative, fun ways of getting to school, whether it is walking, riding or even scooting.

In a recent statement, Moreland Mayor Cr Meghan Hopper stressed the importance of such programmes.

"We're teaming up with VicHealth to get more Victorians living healthier and happier lives and the Walk to School campaign is a great start for our young residents," she said.

"Walking as a form of transport is a great habit to learn early on and the benefits to children – such as improving fitness, forming new friendships, and getting to know their neighbourhood – are incredibly important to their development."

Primary schools around the region are invited to sign up to the initiative, with various prizes on offer for participating schools. A long list of institutions took part in last year's edition of the event, ranging from Brunswick South Primary School and Pascoe Vale South Primary School to Fawkner Primary School and more.

"With today's children living a more inactive lifestyle and spending more time looking at screens than past generations, there is an increasing risk of serious health problems, if not now, then later in life," Ms Hopper concluded.

Walk to School month is just one example of the numerous community-oriented initiatives and programmes happening in and around the Brunswick area. With a focus on family-friendly fun, it's no wonder real estate in Brunswick is constantly in demand.

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