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How Merri Creek has benefited Brunswick property

By Jamil Allouche

Coming up this October 22nd is a festival in honour of Merri Creek in Melbourne. The festival is a time when you can appreciate Merri Creek and take advantage of numerous nature activities like a walk in butterfly enclosure and go for a picnic. There'll also be plenty of activities for kids like face painting, puppet shows and grass twinning.

It's primarily a celebration of how the creek was improved 25 years ago. Ever since, the creek and the surrounding trail have brought numerous financial and environmental benefits to Brunswick and other northern suburbs in Melbourne. 

Properties in green spaces have higher property value  

Natural areas in cities are known to increase property values. Central Park is a case in point, with prices of property around the park being some of the most expensive in the world. This is because urban dwellers actively seek out green spaces for recreation and aesthetics and are willing to pay more to live near them. 

The bike trail bounds East Brunswick and provides fun and easy recreation.

Other cities have also shown how green spaces can substantially ameliorate property values. The University of Washington found homes that are adjacent to naturalistic parks and open spaces have eight to 20 per cent higher values than similar properties not near such spaces. More commercial spending is also a positive effect of having a natural environment nearby. Shoppers are willing to travel further to visit a district with beautiful trees, and spend more time there once they arrive.

Green spaces with biking or pedestrian trails also attract property owners. Although Merri Creek is not in Brunswick, the trail bounds East Brunswick and provides easy access to the trail. Doubtless, this is an attraction for visitors and brings all sorts of tourism and economic benefits.

More and more cities are recognising the financial benefits that come with taking a greater interest in building green spaces and vegetation. If cities have the financial means to invest in these spaces, they absolutely should. 

A transformation that will last

Melbourne has been lucky enough to have positively transformed Merri Creek years ago from a from a weed-clogged drain to an esteemed waterway running through a bushland corridor. 

Urban parks provide healthy habitats. 

The creek has brought numerous environmental benefits, which is the main cause for this festival. This event will follow the opening of the exhibition called 'Merri Creek – From wasteland to parklands' at Fawkner Library. The exhibition will feature images of the river before and after development, showing just how much the indigenous flora and fauna have been conserved and improved by the community. Health Park and Health People Central states that urban parks provide healthy habitats for humans, plants and wildlife by preserving regional ecosystems. 

As people become more environmentally conscious, there will likely be only more attraction to the well-conserved Merri Creek.  

The financial value that Merri Creek brings to Brunswick and other Melbourne suburbs is certainly a cause to celebrate. Contact Ray White Brunswick today to learn more about properties in Brunswick and near Merri Creek

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