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How to enjoy the outdoors in Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

So you've just bought yourself a new property, congratulations! What now? Surely you aren't planning to lock yourself inside all day? Scholar, author and journalist Florence Williams recently reminded us in an interview with National Geographic that time spent in nature boosts our happiness. In other words, getting outdoors is good for us! Here are a few suggestions for how to get your daily dose of fresh air around Brunswick.

Scrub up your outdoor spaces 

You can open up those windows and let that fresh air in, but getting outside in the sunshine is much better for you. Of course, nobody wants to sit on an ancient ruin of a chair infested with daddy longlegs. Instead, get your hands on some snazzy places to perch with some comfy cushions and set up your outdoor area as a place where you actually want to spend time. 

Take a break in your backyard

Play a game of footy on the grass, grab a book and lie on a chair, or host a BBQ with your new Brunswick mates. Need some yard upkeep tips? We've got you sorted. If your property doesn't have a backyard, head on over to your neighbour's place for a game of backyard cricket – we're all friendly around here!

Promenade in the park

Don't have a backyard or a balcony? There are no excuses for not getting outdoors, as your property in Brunswick is in close proximity to some beautiful parks. Royal Park and Melbourne Zoo are only a walk or tram ride away, while the CERES Community Environment Park in East Brunswick is both a tranquil and educational spot to take the family. You can even take the tram or train into the city and stroll along the Yarra River waterfront and through the Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Get some greenery

It's easy to get outside when the temperature's gorgeous and the sun is shining, but when it's raining and chilly, the motivation can understandably decrease. Bring the outdoors to you and invest in some plants to put on your windowsill. It's not quite the same as being outside, but the shrubs will increase the oxygen levels, giving you some fresher air.

By all means make the most of your indoor spaces, but don't forget to get outside every once in a while. There are plenty of opportunities to do this in Brunswick. If you want to find out more about what you can do in the area, get in touch with the team at Ray White Brunswick and we'll give you some more of our best recommendations. 

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