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How to make moving houses less stressful

By Jamil Allouche

Whether you're about to move into your first home, recently sold your property to upgrade to something a little bit more fancy or are downsizing after kids move out, the prospect of moving can be stressful.

So, to make the experience of shifting places more enjoyable, we thought we'd take some work off your hands and give you some useful tips on moving.

Make sure you're organised for your move.


If there's one thing that can drive stress levels up, it's leaving things to the last minute. Give yourself a good month time to prep yourself for the actual move, both on an emotional and organisational level. 

You should also take this opportunity to de-clutter your life. After all, that bright pink vase you bought on a trip five years ago but never used doesn't need to collect dust in your new home, does it?

Speaking of, try source a variety of boxes from retail stores or your local supermarket. Asking for free boxes both saves you money and makes those guys' life easier as they usually have a lot of spare cardboard boxes that'd just end up in the skip otherwise.

Also, depending how far away your new place is, you might need to arrange a truck and movers to help get your furniture from A to B. Here's where starting early is particularly important as you'll need to arrange times well in advance to ensure you're not stuck with a packed-up house and transportation on the day.

Try to enjoy the move!


Once you've done all the prep-work, it's time to start on your packing strategy. We suggest going through your place room by room as you'll have a much easier time unpacking if everything that goes in the same area is also in the same set of boxes. 

Always remember to put heavier items on the bottom and avoid breaking your grandma's pottery by ensuring there are no empty spaces in boxes. Once a box is filled, tape it well and label it on the side. This way, no matter who carries it, the box will find its way into the correct spot. 

The big move

When the big day arrives, have an essential box ready with all the basic cleaning supplies, toiletries, rubbish bags and so forth ready to use on the day itself.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy it all – you're moving house, that's exciting!

If you're still on the hunt for that perfect property in Brunswick and surrounding areas, reach out to our friendly team at Ray White Real Estate Brunswick today.

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