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How to update your bedroom without leaving your bed

By Jamil Allouche

Picture this: It's a chilly Sunday morning. You're lying in bed, the blankets pulled around you tight to keep in the heat. As you stare at the ceiling, your eyes begin to wander and you notice that your room is looking a little dingy. It's been a while since you last decorated. You don't want to get out of bed but then you remember – we live in the internet age and you can update almost everything in your room from the comfort of your bed.

Here are some of the best products and online vendors to visit when you next decide to change your bedroom's look and feel.

A new mattress

Traditional retailers have been selling mattresses online for some time now, but the market has been infiltrated by a new breed of mattress makers. They all have one thing in common – their beds are delivered in a box, rolled inside, only to expand to full size when opened. This is possible because they're all springless memory foam mattresses. Some of the biggest names in Australia are Koala, Ecosa and Ergoflex.

You may have seen advertisements showing these beds with a glass of wine sitting on them, only to have someone jump on the bed and the wine remain undisturbed. The advantage of these kinds of mattress is that, if you're sharing a bed, one person's tossing and turning shouldn't disturb the other.

Ordering a mattress online might strike some as a foolish thing to do. After all, before you buy the thing you're going to spend around eight hours a day lying on, shouldn't you at least try it out? Thankfully, many of the new mattress in-a-box companies have a trial period. Koala's, for instance, is 120 nights – if you decide you don't like the mattress during this time, you can return it for a full refund.

Updating the furniture 

Getting furniture delivered saves a huge amount of hassle and stress from the updating process. Getting a trailer, loading, unloading – all steps that can be avoided by sitting in your bed and buying online.

Big-box retailers like Target or Kmart allow you to purchase furniture online and have it delivered straight to your door, as do more upmarket stores like Furniture Wizard or Zanui. Whatever price range of furniture you choose, it's easier than ever to find furniture online that fits your budget.

Something for the walls

Purchasing art has also become an easier thing to do, thanks to the internet. Art Pharmacy is an online company that specialises in selling Australian made art. It's not just cookie-cutter junk – Art Pharmacy wants to be an online destination for buying Australian made art that's handmade and unique. They have a wide variety of products including, but not limited to, paintings, illustrations and photography. It can be hard to find art that is both affordable and accessible, so Art Pharmacy is the perfect solution to this problem. Plus, you don't have to get out of bed to find it!

A feature on the floor

Finally, a new splash of colour or texture for your floor doesn't having to mean ripping up your old carpets and replacing them with new ones – buying a rug is a cheaper and easier solution. With online retailers like or, finding that something new for your floor is as easy as a couple of clicks.

Perhaps it's not just your bedroom you want to update – maybe you'd like to update your life too and move to a new area. If Brunswick's on the cards, get in contact with the team at Ray White today for more information on how we can help.

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