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Latest Zoning Plan Gets Council Approval

By Jamil Allouche

Owners of property in Brunswick may wish to pay attention to recent news about the new residential zones affecting the Moreland area. 

Moreland City Council has endorsed new residential zones according to a March 16 statement. 

This rezoning process is part Victoria-wide planning changes. 

The latest plan "aims to strike the right balance between growth and protection," according to the Council. 

Now that it has been endorsed by the local council, it will be ready for consideration by a Victorian government committee. Community members living in real estate in Brunswick and other affected areas can provide their input.

Currently, Moreland's residential areas fall under the Residential 1 Zone, which allows for mixed dwelling types and densities. 

However, the changes will see the Residential 1 Zone superseded by a range of new zones, which each have different rules about residential property development. 

This could affect your plans to make changes to your home, so it's worth providing your feedback on the latest Moreland plan. 

Submissions can be made to the committee directly, with a public hearing to take place on May 12. 

The plan will be exhibited between now and April 17. Following community consultation, the committee will make recommendations to Minister of Planning Matthew Guy.

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