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Less Train Overcrowding Great for Brunswick Residents

By Jamil Allouche

If you're looking to buy in Melbourne, property in Brunswick is a popular option. Recent figures from Public Transport Victoria (PTV) make it an even more desirable spot, particularly if you need to commute to the city. 

Overcrowding on the Victorian capital's Metro trains has "drastically reduced", stated Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder in a February 11 statement.

PTV conducted a load standards survey, finding a significant decrease in overcrowding.

The survey found 29 weekday trains during peak hours had passenger loads greater than their target in October 2013.

This is a drop from the same month in 2010, which saw 57 overcrowded trains during peak periods.

Melbourne residents with real estate in Brunswick will be pleased that there's a far lower chance of jumping on an overcrowded train when they head to their nearest station.

Not only is overcrowding down, punctuality is getting better too.

Over the 2013 year, 92.8 per cent of Melbourne trains were punctual, noted Mr Mulder.

This was put down to new timetables, improved maintenance and rolling stock.

"Between October 2012 and October 2013, Metro introduced an extra 10 daily morning peak train trips with 11 extra in the afternoon peak," stated Mr Mulder.

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