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Local Brunswick schools: Giving your children a great education

By Jamil Allouche

If you're considering moving your family into property in Brunswick, one of the first things you'll want to investigate are the schooling options available. After all, giving your kids the chance to get a great education is essential to set them up for the future. Here are a few potential options.

Brunswick East primary school is a state school that has around 400 students and caters to the basics of young children. Like other schools, there is a focus on literacy and numeracy, but alongside this, creativity and collaboration are emphasised as well to create a learning environment where kids are free to express themselves. 

Similarly, Brunswick South primary school offers a nurturing, compassionate space for primary age kids to engage in a multicultural learning environment. With a large curriculum that teaches the various skills and knowledge needed to help children become great, Brunswick South could be a great primary school option to consider. 

Lastly, Brunswick Secondary College covers years 7 through to 12, as well as international students and Select Entry Accelerated Learning Programs. There are a lot of different pursuits that students can follow at the school, giving them the chance to flesh out their own interests, and to begin their emergence into adulthood. 

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