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Melbourne Named World’s Most Liveable City

By Angela Hill

If you are considering a move to Melbourne, or are yourself selling property in Brunswick, or perhaps a section of Pascoe Vale real estate, you should know that Melbourne was just announced as the world's most liveable city, beating out other famously lovely cities for the title. This has the potential to impact upon housing and accommodation costs as it may put the region in higher demand.

The most liveable cities list was calculated by the Academy of Marketing Science, and international professional organisation. It assessed the liveability of 140 cities across the world taking into account a number of factors. These include homicide rates, violent crime and petty crime, population density, civil unrest, conflict and war, infrastructure, education, healthcare, human rights and more. Melbourne scored a 98 out of 100 score for its liveability.

Other top cities were Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Adelaide, Sydney, Helsinki, Perth and Auckland, showing strong representation from Australia, and even neighbouring New Zealand.

Some of the least liveable cities included Damascus, Tehran, Tripoli, and Lagos, with Dhaka in Bangladesh taking out the ultimate least liveable title.

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