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Melbourne’s music scene set for growth following new council strategy

By Jamil Allouche

Fans of music across Melbourne already have a lot to be proud about, with a bustling scene that caters to all sorts of different styles and tastes. But now residents of property in Brunswick and elsewhere in the Victorian capital have another reason to celebrate, with the recent announcement of the Melbourne Music Strategy 2014-17, which outlines how the city will continues to support and enrich the scene in the coming years. 

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said music culture was an essential part of the city's identity, not only as a cultural driver but as an major economic point of interest. 

"Each weekend, around 97,000 people attend music performances in the city which generates $5.4 million in ticket sales, entry, hospitality and merchandising. This strategy supports all elements of Melbourne's music industry: music venues and the musicians, audiences, producers, teachers, concert halls and buskers," said Mr Doyle in a June 25 statement. 

The new strategy has six different focus points – including visibility, policy reform and advocacy and research and information – which will be integral to the future growth of Melbourne's vibrant music scene in the near future. 

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