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Melbourne’s Vacancy Rate Moving Down

By Angela Hill

Those who are looking to rent or even own a property in Brunswick will do well to keep an eye on how vacancy rates are shaping up all around Melbourne, as this has the potential to affect rent and purchase prices.

On August 12, the Retail Institute of Victoria (REIV) revealed that a reduction in vacant homes in the middle and outer suburbs of Melbourne has meant a reduction in July's overall vacancy rate. In Melbourne, the vacancy rate fell from June's 3.4 per cent to 3.2 in July.

However despite this vacancy rate change, the average weekly house rent has stayed stable at $380, from $381 in June – as well as remaining steady with this time last year. Units were more affected, increasing from $375 to $380 which is a more significant six per cent increase on last year.

The inner suburbs now have a vacancy rate of 3.7 per cent – the highest rate in the metropolitan area, with the outer suburbs at the lowest at 1.9 per cent.

When a vacancy rate tightens up and fewer homes are left unoccupied, unit rents can increase so for renters looking around the Melbourne area, this may be a major factor to consider.

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