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MILS Part 1: Why Moreland plans to develop its industrial lands

By Jamil Allouche

If you're looking at job opportunities in Brunswick, exciting changes are coming in the next few years.

The Moreland City Council has drafted a plan known as the Moreland Industrial Land Strategy (MILS), which revolves around the development and future use of industrial land in the district. This scheme will operate across the stretch of 15 years, and aims to result in greater employment opportunities for those living in property in Carlton, Brunswick, Coburg, and other Moreland suburbs.

The industrial land in the Moreland area plays a key role to the municipality. The MILS draft shows that this land is responsible for providing more than 15,000 jobs and $5.3billion in productivity output. It also hosts key facilities and services that are important to the local economy such as wholesaling, construction, food production, cultural production, and much more.

However, a report from the city council in August reveals that the current employment self sufficiency is at 46 per cent. This is considerably lower than the 71 per cent average for middle ring Melbourne suburbs. It describes employment self sufficiency as "the number of jobs available in the municipality as a proportion of the total resident workforce", which the council hopes to increase significantly.

The MILS draft identifies several major goals that will work toward this objective. These include expanding local employment opportunities, boosting the output of local businesses, pushing the unemployment rate down so that it's below the metropolitan average and bolstering public and private investment in the area.

If you're thinking about investing in property in Brunswick, you can be rest assured that major things are in the works for the future of the region. Just give the team Ray White Brunswick a buzz, and we'll show you the great and diverse real estate that is available.

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