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New open spaces in Moreland strengthening the community

By Jamil Allouche

Recent developments within the Moreland area have highlighted the Council's focus on creating socially and environmentally conscious spaces for the residents of Brunswick, Coburg, and surrounding suburbs. Not only has construction of new sustainable real estate in Brunswick been underway, but plans for parks and a memorial garden have received attention from the Council in recent months. 

Those looking to buy property in the Moreland area should take the time to check out these great new initiatives and developments.

A park close to home

The population of Moreland has been on the rise in recent years. A forecast of the population of Moreland estimates that 228,807 people will live in the area by 2036 – around 50,000 more than currently do, according to .id. In light of this, the Council has drafted a plan to invest more into their existing parks, as well as creating a new open space for the entire community. 

The initiative will be funded using fees received from developers during subdivisions. The Council is working to identify key areas within Moreland that would most benefit from the addition of a park by comparing population density, predicted growth and existing amounts of open space.

The plan truly shows the Council's interest in providing for the future of the community.

Brosnan Park Memorial Garden

Meanwhile, Brosnan Park in Coburg North has just received new life in the form of a memorial garden. Opened in the last week of October, the park is intended to provide a space for remembrance of those affected by violence. While still young, the Crepe Myrtle trees will eventually grow to create a roof of shade over visitors, and green and flowering plants will form a carpet, creating the feeling of an enclosed and safe place. Bluestone paving and seating allows visitors to spend quiet, peaceful time to reflect and spare thoughts for those lost or struggling with family violence. 

Family Violence Campaigner, Phil Cleary, spoke at the opening of the garden:

"We are reminding people that the struggle of women is a matter for public discussion…the garden puts the issue forward in a subtle and considered way."

Making a home in Brunswick

With so much respect for the value of community spaces and the impact of violence, Moreland Council is working to make the city a warm and supportive place for all residents. If this sounds like the kind of area you'd like to live, get in touch with the team at Ray White Brunswick to discuss your future home today.

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