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Owners of Real Estate in Brunswick: Register Your Pets!

By Jamil Allouche

Owners of property in Brunswick, Pascoe Vale and Coburg who have furry friends may wish to pay attention to a recent announcement from the Moreland City Council.

Pet owners in the area are encouraged to check that their animals' registration details are correct. 

The council sends registration renewal notices out every March, however some owners' details are incorrect at this point. 

If you've recently moved into real estate in Brunswick or perhaps to a nearby suburb, the council recommends updating your details so that renewal notices arrive in the right letterbox next month.

Updates can be made until February 18 and the council offers many ways to get in touch – whether it's by phone, email or regular post. You can even complete the update for your dog or cat online.

A reminder for landlords, too

The announcement may also be a sound reminder for landlords in the area who are seeking tenants.

If you've found the perfect tenants, what do you do if they have a pet?

It's up to you whether to lease your investment property to pet owners – but you might find that tenants with a great reference and a calm cat or docile dog are a good option.

However, you can also elect to not permit pets on the property.

Either way, make sure you include a term about pets and how many are permitted in the tenancy agreement.

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