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Public transport key to senior wellbeing

By Jamil Allouche

Good public transportation is a key characteristic of any of the world's great cities, so it's no surprise Melbourne has continuously ranked top of the list of Best Places in the World to live. 

While catching the train and bus is convenient for busy young professionals, public transport is also a vital amenity for seniors in the community.

If you are looking for a new home for a senior loved one or are considering a new space where you can live with your ageing mum or dad, fantastic public transport might be the deciding factor for property in Brunswick

Physical fitness and cognitive sharpness tend to decline as we age, which is why most families end up taking the car keys away from senior loved ones. However, older adults can continue to stay involved and active using the public transportation options in Brunswick. 

There are train stations every few blocks in Brunswick and nearby suburbs like Carlton, which means seniors can access shops, parks and other locations without doing too much walking. It's also easy to catch a train into central Melbourne to visit friends or family. 

Victorian residents over age 60 can get a Victorian Seniors Card, which gives them reduced price fares on trains, trams and buses during the week. The card also makes travel free on the weekends, according to Public Transport Victoria.

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