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Strengthening auction landscape experienced nationwide

By Jamil Allouche

A recent blog post from RP Data's senior research analyst Cameron Kusher found the auction market across Australia has seen significant growth over the last year, which could be great news for those considering selling their property in Brunswick

The average clearance rate for Australia as a whole was 65.2 per cent over the last week, up from 65.1 per cent last year. However, Melbourne in particular saw relatively large growth over the last 12 months – rising from 64.9 per cent up to 65.9 per cent. 

These are some strong results for the Victorian capital city, offering some insight into the potential for selling your own Brunswick home over the coming months. Auctions are a wonderful way to help secure a great return on your real estate due to the competitive nature of the sales method. 

As people begin to bid on the property, this pushes up the price while also putting pressure on the other buyers at the event. This is the basic premise behind an auction, allowing you to set your reserve price – or minimum sale price – before the market and any prospective buyers' desires do the rest. 

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