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Trial Park Announced for Brunswick

By Jamil Allouche

One of the many reasons why families move into a Brunswick or Carlton property is because there are a number of parks located around the region.

From Royal Park to the ovals and fields in Allard Park, Brunswick has an abundance of large open spaces for families and kids to enjoy.

Fortunately, these community facilities are about to improve after the Moreland City Council announced a new trial pop-up park, which will be located in the Jewell precinct of Brunswick.

From February 4-April 1, the council will close off part of Wilson Avenue and create a functional space where residents can enjoy a space for performances, funky street furniture and workshops.

There will also be room for a regular food van, where locals can enjoy a snack or two under the shade and awnings provided by the council.

Once the trial period is over, the Moreland City Council will begin discussions with residents of real estate in Brunswick and surrounds to consider installing the park full-time.

Previously, this 30 metre section of Wilson Avenue was run down and littered by graffiti, which shows the council's determination to improve the city and provide great facilities for locals.

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