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Victorian government seeking fairer rates for residents

By Jamil Allouche

Owners of real estate in Brunswick could be interested to hear about plans by the Victorian government to create more transparency when it comes to rate increases in the state, while it's also hoping to boost sustainability and promote a system for these developments in the future. 

The appointment of Essential Services Commission (ESC) to provide advice about the process has been consulted, with minister for local government Natalie Hutchins stating this would help boost responsibility in the sector. 

"With the cost of living rising for Victorians, we are making council rates fair and balanced. By welcoming contributions from across the sector, our rates capping policy will get the balance right," said Ms Hutchins in a 27 February 27 statement. 

After the creation of a report by the ESC, framework will be delivered to the government by 31 October. These changes could be great news for property owners looking to save money in the future. 

Minister for finance Robin Scott said the inquiry will be looking into factors like population growth and infrastructure needs in order to assess how the council's financial outlook should be applied to the development of rate changes. 

More accountability is something that owners of real estate in the local Victorian communities could be excited to see happening in the coming months. 

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