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What is kerb appeal?

By Jamil Allouche

When it comes to selling your real estate in Brunswick, don't forget that first impressions can make or break the sale of a home. So be sure to prepare you house for these scrutinise from the get go – and one of the best ways to go about this is is to improve you home's kerb appeal. 

What is kerb appeal?

When you look at a home and see the front of the property, that's kerb appeal. As such, it's more often than not the first thing people see when they approach your home for an open inspection. While people are busy getting their interiors and backyards ready, sometimes the front can be neglected, tainting potential buyers' opinions before they even get in the front door. 

How can you improve kerb appeal?

Simple things like tending to the garden, mowing the lawn, and perhaps repainting the exterior of your home can all do wonders for helping entice buyers from the kerb. Furthermore, an often neglected aspect of a home is the roof – if the materials are looking tired and worn, it could be worth replacing them and revamping the ceiling. 

These are just some basic things to keep in mind before having an open inspection and having people judge your home from the kerb. 

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