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What to look for when viewing a rental property for the first time

By Jamil Allouche

Whether you've been renting for a while or you're about to sign up for the first time, in the excitement of viewing the perfect property, it can be easy to look over some key points. However, the last thing you want is to move into somewhere that actually isn't what you wanted. In the Brunswick area alone, around 50 per cent of housing is rented out, according to Domain. With that in mind, here are some top tips for your next viewing. 

Take account of practicalities

When you find that beautiful property, in the suburb that you want, you may forget to check the bigger picture. It's important to make sure that your furniture will fit in the living room, or that there is a spot for the dryer you can't live without. Be realistic in picturing your furniture in the space and consider measuring before you view and taking the details with you to avoid discovering the problem on move-in day.

Also find out what the parking arrangements are and how to go about organising any permits required, or what to do if you have an additional car visiting. Depending on how you travel around the city, make sure you can get around on the public transport links nearby.

Check the storage space

Even if your sofa will fit through the door and the fridge will slot nicely into the kitchen, check that there is somewhere to store your bike, camping equipment, even your clothes and shoes. Pay special attention to built-in cupboards, or the lack of them, throughout the property.

If there is outside storage, such as a garage or shed, have a look inside and make sure it will suit your needs. If it is full of someone else's belongings, double check that it will be cleared before new tenants move in.


You don't want to move into a new home only to discover you feel unsafe or that you cannot protect your belongings. Open and close a couple of windows and doors during your visit to check they shut securely. Do the same for any outer areas such as a shed or garage, as you are likely to store items of value in those spaces and thieves may see them as easy targets.

If you prefer to have a property alarmed, investigate what is already installed and see if it would be okay for you to fit a new one if required. Security can also be important for meeting insurance stipulations so double-check this if you have a policy you intend to stick with.

Heating and cooling

You may only inspect a property once and your visit is likely to be fairly short. It's hard to tell under these circumstances whether the heating and cooling systems in place do a good job. If you view in winter and it's nice and cosy, double check that there is the option to cool it when the weather heats up. Think about which part of the property will catch the sun and at what time of day, as that can make a surprising difference to how it feels inside.

Find out what maintenance is down to you

It's important to know what you are expected to look after, both inside and out. Some landlords say you must maintain, and if necessary replace, any whiteware that they supply. Others may organise routine tasks such as window cleaning but some will see that as down to you.

If the property has any outdoor space, find out if there is a gardener or some other form of maintenance contract in place. If it falls to you to sort out, check the state of the garden before signing and find out exactly what they require of you. And remember to ask what flexibility you have with the garden. They may be happy for you to make some changes, such as creating a new patio space or planting some veggies.

If you're looking for a new Brunswick-based rental property, contact our friendly team today to find out what we have available.

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