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Which lighting options best suit your Brunswick apartment?

By Jamil Allouche

Natural light is one of the most sought-after traits in an apartment, and for many renters, it's a must-have. In an ideal world, every bedroom's windows are north facing and home's are effortlessly bright. This isn't always the case, however.

What can you do if your Brunswick apartment is somewhat lacking in light?


A single, centralised light fixture is one way to solve a low-light problem, but the right design is key to defining and maintaining the room's overall look and feel. Consider that a centred primary light source is going to draw attention naturally, so don't be afraid to go bold with Victorian design – in the right scenario, it can perfectly complement an otherwise modern aesthetic.

Wall sconces

While the sconce may seem like a dated design concept, it can be used to balance light in a large room and light corners a chandelier might not reach. Sconces can also be used for more intimate hallway lighting. Choose fixtures which complement the wall paint or paper for a more inviting and less detached feeling than track lighting sometimes creates.

Standing lamps

For a decentralised and cost effective approach, consider standing or table lamps placed intermittently throughout a room. As well as providing convenient and flexible lighting options, the glow of a lamp can feel much warmer than built-in lighting.

Consider the placement of your lamps carefully – they should compensate for any dim areas of the home without overcomplicating your lighting design.

Bare the bulb

Bare artisanal bulbs are all the rage in many homes. Visible filaments contribute to a trendy industrial vibe and are loved for their aesthetic.

However, these Edison bulbs are incandescent, so tend to throw less light and use more energy than their alternatives. As a secondary source, bare bulb options can act as a fashionable and attractive accent, but as a primary source may fail to adequate light your home. You might like to embrace a smaller, darker room's aura in this way, but you should consider how that aligns with the room's function, lest you ward off potential tenants.

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