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5 heartwarming date ideas for Valentine’s Day in Melbourne

By Jamil Allouche

Let love be in the air this Valentine's Day!

Whether you're happily wed or still in the innocent days of demure courtship, there are so many unique ways to treat your special someone this February. That said, even without a partner there's nothing stopping you from celebrating with a close friend.

Let's have a look at some of the best date ideas available to tenants and owners of real estate in Melbourne.

1. Stay home and let someone else cook

No, we don't mean your partner should be in the kitchen. This Valentine's Day, both of you should enjoy the experience of a homemade meal without any stress.

Invite a personal chef into your home to prepare a luxurious six-course degustation. Your evening will kick-off with the pop of a bottle of bubbles and you'll love reclining in the comfort of your own slice of Brunswick real estate. Your in-house chef will entertain you with enlightening foodie tips between meals, so you'll never be bored.

This service is available on Red Balloon for less than $500 and includes the cost of all food and clean-up services.

2. Learn to salsa together

Take your partner by the hand and guide them to the dance floor!

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday. Conveniently, so do the Salsa Foundation's beginner dance classes. From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. you and your loved one will go from complete beginners to borderline addicts. The best part is: your first class is completely free!

So, after you've worked up an appetite you'll have money left in the fun fund to enjoy a flavourful Mediterranean meal at any of Lygon Street's best restaurants.

3. Feel the thrill of the escape

Get ready to have the most fun you'll ever experience in a locked room.

The Deep Space escape room on Moreland Road will challenge the both of you with a series of complex puzzles in order to escape the room before the 70 minute time limit runs out. Working together under pressure, you'll learn more about how each others' minds work and strengthen your relationship.

Deep Space is more than just your typical escape room too – utilising artificial intelligence and narrative design techniques, the game offers multiple endings according to your actions throughout the experience.

In the fictional setting of the game, your own spaceship has malfunctioned in the middle of the great unknown. Cut off from all outside communications, you begin to feel that you're not truly alone – and something not-quite-human has arrived. 

Tickets will cost you $94 for a two-player game and trust us – it's worth every cent.

4. Get a little spooky

Horror movies are a common choice for dates – the fear of the situation draws you together for protection and soon enough you're comfortably in each others arms. However, on this special day you might want to step things up a little bit.

The Old Melbourne Gaol offers a variety of night tours to send a shiver down your spine, including:

  • A Night in the Watch House: Witness the incarceration sites of notorious Australian gangsters – in the dark!
  • Ghosts? What Ghosts!: The Gaol has a grim history and countless tales of an unexplained presence hover around it. On this tour you'll be lead around to areas where staff and visitors alike have felt a supernatural touch.
  • Hangman's Night Tour: Let the master of the rope walk you through this historic site, recounting tales of suspicious executions. 

Gaol tours take place on varying nights – so your options may be limited. However, they all start well after dinner time so be sure to eat something you'll be able to keep down!

Don't stick to your usual movie and meal dates this year – talk to the team at Ray White Brunswick about finding a home near Melbourne's best Valentine's Day venues.

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