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5 temporary updates you can make to your Brunswick rental property

By Jamil Allouche

No matter where you live, it's nice to add a few touches to make a home your own. When your home is a rental property, you may have restrictions placed on you by the landlord, or you might not want to spend much money updating aspects of your Brunswick property that you won't be able to take with you.

Here are some creative, simple and cost-effective ways to update your Brunswick rental without upsetting your landlord.

1) Change door and drawer handles

Archaic handles on doors or furniture can really make a place look old-fashioned. Luckily, it's cheap and straightforward to both find replacement handles you like and screw them on. Keep the old handles somewhere safe in case you have to reinstate them before you move out.

2) Use temporary floor stickers or add some rugs

Adding colourful or soft rugs is a trick that can make a room more to your taste, or create the illusion of space and length. But if you simply want to update an ugly floor, temporary adhesive covers are now widely available in a range of colours and patterns. They don't take long to stick down and can pulled up if you have to return the floor to its original state.

3) Add some plants to your space

Super easy to take with you when you move, plants also add colour to a space. Choices such as small cacti can fill spaces in shelving units or window ledges, while larger plants can be a feature, placed on the floor or on a side table. Remember to source a pot you love, too. They come in such a variety of textures and colours that they can also be part of your design scheme.

4) Adjust the lighting

When it comes to ambience, lighting can make a big difference to a room. Changing lightbulbs to emit softer or brighter light is an easy way to change how you enjoy a room, while different types of lampshades can change how it's directed. You can also add lamps to add light in a dark corner, or to replace something too bright. Dimmer switches are a great option for making any light more flexible.

5) Hang artwork with removable tape

Artwork or framed photographs add colour, personality and style to an otherwise plain rental. Avoid having to refill nail holes by using tacks or tape when hanging your artwork. There are a number of adhesive products on the market that hold even larger pieces, peeling off without a trace when you're done. 

Your next Brunswick rental property is waiting for you. Contact the Ray White Brunswick team to start the search.

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